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About Us

About Us


MRC has the industry leading cleanroom modular system manufactured from GRP (glass reinforced polyester). In addition to this MRC manufacture all the necessary cleanroom accessories, included pass through hatches, garment cupboards, doors etc and these are also manufactured from GRP and molded seamlessly within the panel system. No other panel system globally can compete on quality and value.

Your products and processes are important; that’s why, here at MRC Systems, we go the extra distance to make sure you have the best clean working environment in which to operate. From initial discussions on your cleanroom requirements, through site survey, design and on to final installation, you’ll find that MRC delivers. MRC’s modular cleanroom system is the most advanced modular system available.


MRC develop products that are a direct result of their vision; to help clients innovate, improve and grow in the fields of pharmaceuticals, aerospace, micro-electronics, healthcare, renewable energy, military and other high-end engineering industries.

The MRC GRP cleanroom paneling system was developed specifically to answer the questions and solve the issues that were raised by other panel systems on the market. By challenging what was considered the "typical" solutions for cleanroom fabrication MRC were able to make something truly remarkable.

A product and system that has helped drive the innovation within industries that are truly changing the world that we live in. To ensure the perfect offerings MRC fully understand the requirements for manufacturing within these industries and therefore offer controlled environment solutions from design phase through to fabrication, installation, validation and commissioning. 

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